Cockerels Feet at Courage Yard


Cockerels Feet at Courage Yard

Solid Ground teamed up with Richard Wolfstrome earlier this year to create some interesting
wayfinding at Courage Yard, a newly refurbished mixed-use development in Shad Thames, London.

The site is positioned on the former Courage Brewery, which first opened in 1787 and the
development, Courage Yard was recently renamed as a nod to the heritage of the area. The Courage Brewery’s mascot and logo was a proud cockerel and it is this which inspired the installation.

In August, over 55 brass cockerels feet have been embedded into the floor of the development,
leading visitors and passers-by into the centre of the space from all its entrances.

With millions of tourists visiting the Tower Bridge and Shad Thames area each year it’s a fun and creative way to encourage footfall into this newly remodelled space. We also hope that this is a nice reminder for people working and living in Courage Yard about the wealth of history of their neighbourhood.