Solid Ground recognise the importance of environmental change and are committed to making and maintaining sustainable choices in all aspects of our operations, and within the business. We aim to reduce our environmental impact and improve the health of wellbeing of our staff, clients and suppliers.

Our Team

We pledge to provide a safe, sustainable and happy working environment for all employees prioritising their health and mental wellbeing within Solid Ground to ensure a thriving and resilient business.



Solid Ground is committed to supporting and engaging with local charities to improve the community in which we work, live, and enjoy every day.
The company encourages employees to volunteer for charities and has close relationships with Forever Manchester, Brainwave, Salford Loaves & Fishes and Moodswings.


Place Activation

From the research and procurement stages through to delivery, we use sustainable suppliers sourcing renewable and recycled materials where possible. We develop sustainability plans bespoke to each event, along with supporting our clients with environmentally friendly solutions, activities and long-term goals. All strategies we produce will have a legacy plan, so all activities are not ‘one-off’ and have a long-lasting sustainable impact within the local community and surrounding area.



Working with our stakeholders, we endeavour to help reduce carbon emissions by encouraging more sustainable methods of transport to work not only for the business, but encourage for any public events we manage.



We work with local waste efficient businesses, and reducing our landfill waste across our operations by 50% including food waste.