MEADOWFEST – A Brand New Wellness Festival

MEADOWFEST – A brand new wellness festival for Manchester

We’re delighted to present MeadowFest, a vibrant wellness festival taking place on Saturday, 22nd June, at Angel Meadow Park in Meadowside, Manchester.

MeadowFest is a vibrant wellness festival organised by Solid Ground: who specialise in place activation, community engagement and meanwhile use services. The festival is designed to celebrate health and wellness while fostering a sense of community in Meadowside.

This year, local mental health charity, Moodswings have been selected as the festivals charity partner. A donation of £3 or whatever you can afford has been suggested when booking on to most of the classes, along with the opportunity to donate on the day is in place,  with the ambition of raising up to £500 on the day.

MeadowFest offers a range of activities, workshops, and interactive sessions aimed at promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being. From fitness workshops to mindfulness sessions, MeadowFest provides an opportunity for residents to come together, connect, and enjoy a day of enrichment and relaxation.

MeadowFest has been devised as part of the Meadowside community engagement and place activation programme. Meadowside, which is a joint venture with Far East Consortium and Manchester City Council is a new neighbourhood for Manchester: comprising Mount Yard, The Gate and The Stile, all surrounding the stunning Angel Meadow park.

Through MeadowFest, Solid Ground demonstrates its expertise in event management, branding, and community activation, highlighting its commitment to creating vibrant,  thriving, inclusive communities.

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